Backup and restoration

Taking periodic backups are very important. because, in-case something badly happened you can easily restore them.


In-order to backup Appskull, you have to do two things.

  1. Taking a backup of files.
  2. Taking a backup of database.

Backup files

To backup files you can use Cpanel's built-in file manager or any FTP client software. for example, Filezilla. The way you take a copy of files is totally up to you.

Let's have a simple folder structure to organize Appskull backup files and database.

  1. Create a new folder/directory with a app name and date. for example, appskull_backup_2019_05_25.

    Create backup root folder
  2. Create two new folders/directories called files and database under that folder.

    Created sub backup folders
  3. Get a backup/copy of all files and folders in bellow image into files folder.

    Copy all Appskull files and folders

Backup database

To get a backup of Appskull database, you can use any database management software that comes with your web hosting solution. Most of the time it would be phpMyAdmin.

To get a backup of Appskull database using phpMyAdmin, follow bellow steps:

  1. Select the Appskull database on the left sidebar.
  2. Select the Export menu item on the main menu of phpMyAdmin.
  3. Select Export method to Quick. (Most of the time this would be the default option)
  4. Select the Format as SQL. (Most of the time this would be the default option)
  5. Hit the Go button and get the .sql database file.

In-case if you are not clear, here all above steps on a animated image.

Taking Appskull database backup

After you got your .sql database file, for example appskull.sql. Put that file in the previously created database folder.

Completed backup

If you have followed all above files and database backup taking steps carefully, then your completed Appskull backup should be looks like in the bellow image.

Appskull complete backup

Now you can zip/archive that main backup folder for example, appskull_backup_2019_05_25 using a software like WinRAR and store it somewhere safe.

Zipped main Appskull backup folder


Restoration is no different than the installation. Now you got all the files and the database. You can upload those files back into the server and restore your database and you should be good. If you didn't change the hosting or domain configurations, then there is no need to do any configurations. If you did change any of hosting or domain configurations, then please update old configuration values to new ones. If you are not sure about those things, then please follow this Appskull installation guide. It has all the information you need.

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