Appskull is very brandable. You can set custom logos, name, CSS styles and etc...

Change logos

  1. Change userend logo.

    Userend logo

    To change userend logo, simply replace logo.svg file in the [app_root]/assets/themes/nuda/common/userend/img directory.

  2. Change adminend logo.

    Adminend logo

    To change adminend logo, simply replace navbar_logo.svg file in the [app_root]/assets/themes/nuda/common/adminend/img directory. Recommended height and width of this file is 30px.

  1. Open your .ai file in Adobe Illustrator software.

    Open .ai file in adobe illustrator
  2. Choose Save As option in File menu.

    Choose save as option in file menu in adobe illustrator
  3. Choose SVG option in Save As window.

    Choose svg option in save as window in adobe illustrator
  4. Choose these options in SVG Options window.

    Select these options in svg options window in adobe illustrator

Change default app name & slogan

You may need to change default app name and app slogan on the Appskull adminend.

App name

You can easily change default Appskull name and slogan on the system settings -> app module page.


Change default app name and slogan

Custom CSS styles

You can customize Appskull's both the userend and adminend very easily with your own custom CSS styles.

Appskull have 3 different stylesheets for your customizations.

  1. Stylesheet for userend only.

    Use this stylesheet only to customize userend only. You can find this (app.css) stylesheet under [app_root]/app/assets/themes/nuda/common/userend/css directory.

  2. Stylesheet for adminend only.

    Use this stylesheet only to customize adminend only. You can find this (app.css) stylesheet under [app_root]/app/assets/themes/nuda/common/adminend/css directory.

  3. Stylesheet for both the userend and adminend.

    If you have common CSS styles for both the userend and adminend, then put those styles in this stylesheet. You can find this (app.css) stylesheet under [app_root]/app/assets/themes/nuda/common/common/css directory.


  • Change userend background color.

    Stylesheet: [app_root]/app/assets/themes/nuda/common/userend/css

                                        body {
                                            background-color: #1c00e0bd;
    New userend background color
  • Change app frame background color on the adminend.

    Stylesheet: [app_root]/app/assets/themes/nuda/common/adminend/css

                                        ._app_frame {
                                            background-color: #673ab7 !important;
    New background color for adminend app frame
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