Appskull is a very light weight, high secure PHP application that built using popular PHP framework called Codeigniter (latest version). This application allows users to easily start building their dream web applications without worrying about building user authentication, user registration, user password reset, system settings, user settings and etc... features by themselves. Also this application built with lots of love and care so it's code base is very clean, organized, well commented. Also Appskull is highly scalable and easy to maintain due to it’s HMVC (Hierarchical model–view–controller) architecture and modular code base. And it's front-end designed by using latest Bootstrap (latest version)). No any third party theme/template were used. So it’s very light, unopinionated and very easy to customize for suit your needs.

Appskull adminend

Main features

  • Secure user signin/login.
  • Secure user registration/signup.
  • Remember me feature on user signin/login (Multiple devices supported).
  • User password reset.
  • Password visibility toggleable.
  • User email verification.
  • Login/signin with email address or username.
  • Third party email senders support (e.i:, SendGrid).
  • CRUDs with server-side sorting, filtering, searching and pagination.
  • SEO friendly, clean and meaningful URLs.
  • 100% Mobile ready/responsive.
  • Modern flexbox based custom layout design with maximum compatibility, usability and accessibility.
  • User management.
  • User overview/dashboard view.
  • User statuses.
  • User tags (multiple tags per user).
  • User roles (multiple roles per user).
  • User groups (multiple groups per user).
  • User states.
  • Advanced user permissions system.
  • Module basis system settings.
  • User settings.
  • Easy configuration options.
  • Easily brandable.
  • Full unicode support (utf8mb4).
  • Full Unicode emoji support.
  • Fixed/Floating table headers.
  • Client side and server side form validation.
  • Advanced exception handling.
  • Custom libraries/APIs.
  • Third party SMPT email senders support.
  • Clean, minimalistic, pixel perfect and light-weight design.
  • Fully object oriented and modular HMVC architecture.
  • High security.
  • There is no any tracking, license verification, encrypted, compiled or backdoor codes in this application. Yeah! it's 100% clean.
  • There is no any footprints. because of that, no one can tell/identify your app is based on Appskull. for example, AngularJS has ng-, VueJS has v-. so anyone can easily tell this app is based on this or that.

Other reasons to use Appskull

  • Built on Codeigniter PHP framework (latest). So code base is very lean, fast and scalable.
  • Based on HMVC (Hierarchical model–view–controller) architecture. So code base is very organized, modular and easy to scale and maintain without any hassle.
  • Front-end built with Latest and stable version of Bootstrap 4.
  • Less opinionated user interface designs. So you can customize very easily.
  • Can be branded very easily. You can replace logos and set app frame color within few seconds.
  • Not bloated, super fast and requires very low server resources.
  • Very scalable.
  • Separated adminend and userend routes.
  • Clean, minimalistic and pixel perfect design.
  • More server-side operations, less JavaScript. Yeah! pretty much all features on Appskull is handle by server side. So that's mean the system is more reliable. For example you can even search, sort millions of database records without any problems.
  • Well tested and no known bugs/issues.
  • Already used this app to build many local projects.
  • Designed and developed from ground up. So no themes/templates or previously written codes were used.
  • Everything is well organized. For example, routes, files, assets and etc...
  • Very clean, well formatted and commented code base.
  • Files, classes, methods, variables and etc... are carefully named with meaningful names and standards.
  • Very developer friendly.
  • You don't need a expensive VPS server to host this application. A low cost shared hosting plan is more than enough.
  • Mod rewrite/.HTACCESS support is optional. So don't worry if your web hosting company not provide support for .HTACCESS.
  • Nginx server support. Appskull is well tested and fully support for Nginx server and all the required configuration details can be found in the documentation.
  • Broad range of application server support. This app works fine with older and newer versions of PHP.
  • Highly detailed online & offline documentations.
  • Fast and friendly customer support.
  • Continuous future software updates with instructions and change log.


  • SQL injection protection.
  • XSS protection.
  • CSRF protection.
  • High secure latest PHP's one-way password hashing algorithms.


  • Demo link:
  • Login/signin credentials:
    • Username/Password: elonmusk
  • Or you can register/signup and test it by yourself. (Normal users only get very limited permissions. So you won't be able to do much.)
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