User statuses

User statuses feature can be used to set Appskull user's current status. For example, on sick leave, on vacation, working remotely and etc... A user can be allocated to only one user status at a time. Users who has user edit permissions can set user's user statuses.

User statuses list

User statuses list show a list of all Appskull user statuses and support for bellow features.

  1. Pagination.
  2. Sorting.
  3. Searching.
  4. Filtration.
  5. Show total number of user statuses based to selected filters.
User statuses list

Add new user statuses

Users with appropriate permissions can add new user statuses into the Appskull system very easily.

Add new user status

Edit user statuses

As adding new user statuses, users with appropriate permissions can edit any user status on the Appskull system.

Edit user status

Soft delete user statuses

Instead of deleting user statuses completely from the Appskull system. users who has user statuses edit permissions can set any user status's state to Inactive by using user statuses edit feature. The Inactive user status state considered as user status deletion on the Appskull.

State inactive
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